hindi ki bindi

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red solid circle,red circle,red ball, green image of tringle,colored tringle blue reactangle,colored triangle

Red लाल रंग

Green हरा

Blue नीला

pink parallogram,colored parallogram voilet pentastar,star,colored star  border=

Pink गुलाबी

Purple बैंगनी

Orange नारंगी

black tristar,tristar,colorstar anchor,pinkanchor, brown star,hexa brown star,color star

Black काला

Dark pink गहरा गुलाबी

Brown भूरा

yellow explosive,explosivre sign colored smiling face,smiling joker red smoke,color smoke

Yellow पीला

Mix Color मिश्रित रंग

Smiling face
colored ball,color ball,primary color

Primary Color मूल रंग